NeuroFocus Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Concussion Management

— Step out of the darkness

We will assess the severity of your concussion and educate you on what has happened, and what you can expect going forward. With a clear understanding, we can begin to work on reducing pain and other symptoms through regular in-clinic sessions. You will also embark on a course of vestibular rehabilitation, a program designed to restore balance, relieve nausea and mitigate your sensitivity to light and noise so you can begin the process of managing the long-term effects.

As treatment continues and you transition from dealing with the acute symptoms to managing long-term, we will begin to infuse your program with cardio exercises to restore the fuction of multiple body systems. We will emphasize cognitive training and reconditioning for work, school and athletics so you can safely return to the activities you love.

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Our services may be fully or partially covered under your extended health care plans, ICBC, MSP, WCB.