NeuroFocus Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training ( Lite Gait)

Lite Gait is a form of Body Weight Supported (BWS) treadmill training is a method for retraining walking. A person using Lite Gait is supported by a harness. The harness and Lite Gait provide support and reduce weight-bearing during a walk on the treadmill. The amount of support can be gradually increased or decreased according to patient needs. 

Some people have difficulty walking after a stroke. Lite Gait treadmill training may be a safe way to begin walking when they are not able to walk safely by themselves. It allows some people to start walking earlier after a stroke, especially if they currently require two people to help them walk over ground. It also allows some people to practice walking when they are not ready to do so over the ground.

BWS training for improving:

  • speed of walking
  • endurance
  • balance
  • motor recovery, and
  • functional walking