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Fall Prevention in the Elderly Community

A fall can happen to anyone and can happen anywhere and anytime. There are different degrees of falls and while some may have minor consequences, they can be devastating to many individuals. In the older population, falls account for almost 95% of hip fractures and 85% of all injury related hospitalizations.

Unfortunately, as we age the risk of experiencing a fall increases. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening and here are a few tips for keeping you on your feet!

1) Exercise and stay active!

You are reduce the likelihood of a fall when you have strong muscles and good balance. You can ask your doctor, physiotherapist or a trainer what the best type of exercise program is for you!

- At least 30 minutes a day will benefit you greatly
- Work out different aspects of your physical health (strength training, cardio health, flexibility)
- Join a gym or contact your nearest senior center for programs and classes you could attend

2) Use Safety Aids

Do not be embarrassed by your safety aids! They are there to keep you safe and prevent you from having an injury!

- Do not forget to wear your glasses if you need them. Vision is very important in preventing future falls.
- Use your walker or cane if you need it. Make sure that it is set on the correct height and safe for you to use.
- Wear proper footwear! Use shoes that are comfortable to wear and provide stability for your feet.

3) Keep your home safe!

In the older population, 50% of all falls causing hospitalization occur in the home. Individuals may trip on loose rugs, wires or even their own pets! It is important to keep your living room space safe as you may spend most of your time at home.

- Have good lighting around the home. Being able to see obstacles and dangers risks reduce the chances of falling
- Get rid of some clutter and some extra wires around the home. Consider cordless phones or cordless devices.
- Use non slip mats in the bathroom as many falls can happen in the bathroom.
- Store kitchen supplies in easy to reach areas. Strategically place heavy items in lower cupboards to avoid reaching
- Ask for help if you need something to be done in the house that is difficult!

4) Nutrition

A balance nutrition will allow your body to stay strong and healthy. Therefore, reducing the likelihood a fall.

- Eat a healthy and balanced nutrition. Lots of fruits and veggies.
- Do not skip meals as they may cause dizziness and weakness.

These are a few tips that can help you or your loved one prevent any future falls from happening!