Transforming Lives, Restoring Function

Our Vision

Restoring hope and function through patient-centred rehabilitation.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of clinic and home-based rehabilitation services.

Our Values

  • Treat with our hearts
  • Work collaboratively
  • Be respectful and truthful


Our History

At Neurofocus Physiotherapy we understand that physical disability can have a huge impact on your sense of self and wellbeing. Our multidisciplinary clinic is equipped to address disability in a multitude of ways – acute to chronic, young to elderly – and we make it our mission to provide an expedited and focused standard of care that allows each patient to understand and fulfill the recovery potential of their body.

The concept of our clinic has evolved as a response to the need for timely and intensive care; a cohesive method of patient-centered treatment. As an industry expert, Kastir Kakakhel has over 18 years of experience in both Canadian and International hospitals. Prior to founding Neurofocus Physiotherapy, Kastir was directing his efforts towards successfully operating On the Go Physio, an in-home mobile rehabilitation service dedicated to providing patient-centred care directly to patient’s homes. Our vision going forward is to provide the highest quality of clinic and home-based rehabilitation services, utilizing the mobility of On the Go physio in cohesion with the space and resources offered by the Neurofocus Clinic. With no waitlists, we aim to provide high quality of rehabilitation services earlier than most public health care options.


Our Approach

We believe in a comprehensive and patient-centered hands-on approach. Our therapists have specific training in the areas of NDT/Bobath, Manual Therapy, Functional Dry Needling, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Motor Relearning and Peripheral Neuromuscular Facilitation. They are equipped with the knowledge to know exactly which treatment or combination of treatments will best fit individual patient’s needs. We prioritize regaining functional capabilities as soon as possible, and from day one are committed to addressing crucial patient functions such as bed mobility, transfers, walking, and running. To ensure we have a firm grasp on all areas of improvement, we record and track progress using standardized outcome measures.